Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Snips and snails and puppy dog tails..."

Welcome to Snip and Snail, a blog about the creativity it takes to raise two boys and to keep one mother sane. I hope, through this blog, to explore what these little boys are truly made of, what I make for them and for others, and what we all make together. Please allow me to introduce you to our cast of characters:

Mama, 32, stay at home working mother, amateur quilter and crafter, completely in love with the boys in her house

Papa, 34, lover, provider, rassler-tassler, football lover and softball player, four-wheelin' romantic, lighter of my fire

Big B, 4-1/2, lover of the spoken word, humorist, thinker, storyteller, gentleman, body slammer, sweet as molasses

little b, almost 1, chooky as can be, snuggly and warm, favorite word is dog, thinks Big B is the cat's pajamas

If nothing else, my hope for this journal is to allow me to savor these moments. For as we all create together, so do we help to create each other.

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