Monday, November 23, 2009

Shalom: Complete, Perfect and Full

The Hebrew word shalom is understood around the world to mean peace, but when traced back to its root verb, it means something less definable: the feeling of being complete, perfect and full. A wise woman once told me that mothers must take the time to fill up our own cups, so that we have more to give to our children and to others. Knitting is one of those things that just fills my cup.

Since I learned to knit last year, there have been several patterns I've seen with others in mind, and each completed gift was a joy to create. But when I saw The Shalom Cardigan on the mother of all blogs, it was the first time I knew I wanted to make something for myself. So today I went to our local fancy yarn store and bought Cascade 220 worsted weight wool yarn in chocolate and maize, which I'll double up. I can't wait to get started tomorrow, when we embark on our annual Thanksgiving trip to South Georgia.

Thursday will mark the tenth time I've been a guest at my grandmother-in-law's Thanksgiving table. I could not be more blessed to be included in this holiest of southern traditions. I am thankful for the company I keep, thankful for the road that lies ahead of me, and thankful for four brand new gorgeous skeins of yarn with which to fill my cup. Shalom, and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!


Mama Bird said...

Just beautiful - I love that you are knitting something for yourself. Have a complete, perfect and full Thanksgiving...shalom

Kathie said...

Oh, I saw that pattern a week or so ago on her blog also. I want to make it for myself as well. I'm finishing up my very first knitting project - Little Bear's scarf and as soon as it's done I plan to tackle this next. It is a GORGEOUS item! Enjoy, Have a happy Thanksgiving and Namaste!

Mothering Two said...

Heh, I'm prolly the only mom in the world who doesn't like her blog, but she does have great style. That's a really cute sweater and the colors you picked out sound like a perfect match. happy knitting! and have a wonderful thanksgiving with your family.