Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quick Holiday Knits

I've been a knitting fool lately. We've experienced record lows here in the Sunshine State, and as Rose says, there's just something about chilly weather that makes you want to curl up on the couch with a couple of sticks and a ball of yarn. I knitted a total of eight gifts for the holidays. They flew off the needles so quickly I didn't even catch some of them to take their pictures. Here's what I did manage to capture.

The standard K2,P2 rib pattern hat was a staple of holiday gifting. I used variations of Alex Zorn's Hot Head pattern from the original Stitch 'n' Bitch book for each of four hats. Here's one I made for PawPaw using super chunky yarn. I adapted the pattern to include about an inch and a half of garter stitching at the base, to keep it nice and snug.I made the same hats for Big B and little b using the colorway I used on my very first knitting project for Papa. I also made a hat for Noni using this pattern, but in a gorgeous homespun green yarn. The same yarn also contributed to a simple stockinette hat I made for The Girl's second birthday. I didn't get pictures of either of these, but I had so much fun knitting with the homespun!

For my stepsister, who lives in a colder place than I do, I made these awesome fingerless mitts. I used chunky yarn in the interest of time, and though I absolutely LOVE the color, I think next time I'll use a worsted weight yarn--and there will be a next time, because I must own a pair of these for myself!...and my latest completion was this scarf for Grammy, made with 2 skeins of Angel Hair yarn--easily the most luxurious and soft fiber I've ever worked with. It was such a pleasure to knit this scarf that I may just have to make another one. I didn't use a pattern, but CO 28 stitches onto size 10.5 needles and knit until it was the right length for her. I also made my first fringe, which was so easy and gratifying I must do it again!!Now on the needles is a red chenille hat for Mimi. I got nice and familiar with chenille when I made a black neck warmer for my next door neighbor a couple of weeks ago (the eighth gift, also not pictured). Working carefully with this brittle yarn is worth it; the results are velvety smooth.

Not to worry, sewing machine, I will visit you soon...there are quilts to be finished and baby gifts to make. But for now, I will soak up the cold weather, curl up on the couch, and grab a couple of sticks and a ball of yarn.

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Rose said...

Ooooo! That scarf is LUSCIOUS!