Monday, May 31, 2010

Birthday Wishes: Thirty-Six Amazing Things

After wishing our amazing Papa a joyous thirty-sixth trip around the sun last Tuesday, we loaded up for the weekend and headed north to celebrate in South Georgia. This was Papa's only wish. In his honor, here is the list we came up with on the way home: thirty-six amazing things we did over the long weekend.

1. Received nourishment from Grandma and her garden
2. Watched a mother whipoorwill protect her baby
3. Saw three deer
4. Saw two rabbits

5. Saw one fox squirrel
6. Saw one enormous red-tailed hawk
7. Saw one gopher tortoise

8. Saw one water turtle laying eggs

9. Found two nests with baby birds

10. Fed chickens and saw day-old chicks

11. Saw lots and lots and lots of butterflies
12. Opened our camper door each morning to the sight of Grandma's flowers
13. Took a sunrise walk14. Tried to catch minnows in the pond15. Saw new quilts in progress
16. Shared freshly boiled peanuts in the sunshine
17. Picked blackberries (both in a garden and on a pond bank) and ate them off the vine18. Drew water from a well19. Caught frogs
20. Called to a bob-white bird and were answered
21. Went blueberry picking (and blueberry eating)
22. Played kickball in the rain
23. Got stuck in the mud

24. Gathered wildflowers in the fields

25. Went searching for interesting mushrooms

26. Caught a grasshopper

27. Held baby kittens
28. Welcomed a full moon

29. Stayed up late, roasted s'mores, had sleepovers

30. Went searching for arrowheads and found flint

31. Built fires

32. Revisited a goose nest we discovered on our last visit

33. Went swimming in the Altamaha River

34. Floated a watermelon in the river and ate it while swimming

35. Hiked to rock caves
36. Spent a long weekend with four generations of family


SwedeLife said...

Life well spent! Lucky to have family, wilderness, and watermelon.

kollene carlsson said...

this is AMAZING!!! I don't know where to begin! wow!

Dori Fagan said...

Sounds so fantastic! Wishing we were family.

Gwynneth Beasley said...

What a fabulous idea - ot use the birthday number to count wonderful things - we have a birthday soon, I think we will take your lead. Thank you!