Sunday, January 2, 2011

Beeswax Solstice Candles

Inspired by the beeswax endeavors of Rose and Mama Bird, Big B, little b and I decided to make candles for our family for Christmas this year. We got a gorgeous hunk of sweet smelling wax and wicks from The Night Gardener, scored some little teacups from a thrift store, and set to work on the candles on the Winter Solstice.
Watching the wax melt was strangely gratifying, for all of us.
Big B and little b took turns dipping the wicks into the hot wax and watching them quickly dry.
We then centered the wicks into little metal holders, wrapped the tops around pencils to keep them centered, and poured in the wax.
When we had made enough for our family, we used the rest of the wax to create a special Solstice candle. Big B and little b poured in "snow" and pine and fir needles to capture winter in the wax.
We lit the candle every night from Solstice to Christmas, and said "Happy Birthday Sun!" The kids also reenacted the battle of the Oak King and the Holly King, their favorite Solstice story.
Solstice is a special time in our home, the time we remember a sweet baby joining us beneath the Christmas tree, three years ago. Happy BIRTH day, little b.


kollene carlsson said...

oooooooh how fun! I love Beeswax candles... I must try!

Mama Bird said...

I love your candles. Your Solstice candle is awesome!