Friday, December 31, 2010

Cows and Pigs and...Elephants? Oh my!

December was jam-packed over here, one I'd like to think broadened everyone's horizons a bit. The month was kicked off by three days of animal admiration. Big B's first grade class took a field trip to our local dairy farm. I was so grateful to be invited to chaperone this one, as we use their delicious farm-fresh cream to make butter and I've always wanted to visit the source.
Such sweet and gentle animals.
It was amazing to watch them move as a huge group into the milking area. The cows knew which stalls to turn into, and seemed very polite with each other--no shoving, single file, etc. Hmmm, perhaps this was a subliminal message to the first graders?
The cows were given ample room to freely range.
The children were taken on a very malodorous hayride,
watched a piglet race,
and took turns bottle-feeding baby calves.
This little guy won my heart.
The next couple of days were consumed with Christmas decorating, us in our homes and the City outside. Our home has a rich circus history, and this year's downtown holiday parade welcomed two special guests: elephants, trucked in from Gainesville. We were able to get a sneak peek of their arrival, a special treat for which we were all very, very grateful. After much kid-patience, the elephants finally emerged from their chariot, in all their magnificence.
We are so grateful for these moments that allow our boys to open their eyes a little wider.

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