Saturday, May 21, 2011

Simple Gifts

I have taken a longer break from this space than I had intended. A lack of camera and plate-too-full have made excuses easy, and I have seen the repercussions. This space is much more to me than an exhibitionist outlet or a pretty chronicle: it keeps me accountable to my own laws of nature. In my time away from it, I have seen its true value. And it is good to be back.

Recently, Mama Bird recommended a small, neatly packaged, seemingly innocent book. As I read (read: devour) its pages, nothing independently groundbreaking leaps up from them. But somehow, the path therein seems brilliantly and easily illuminated.
Organized Simplicity is more than a book to me now, it seems to be my mantra. Through the simple, grounding task of revisiting our family's purpose, I have been given a monumental gift. I now have a clear and ever-present filter for my words, actions, deeds, time obligations, and things. If any of the above do not fulfill the highest good of my family's purpose, they are OUT. And it is maybe the most refreshing feeling I've ever had.
I've even been able to use the filter for the book itself. Where the author is able to implement the system in 10 days, I am granting myself a generous six months, thereby removing all pressure and really making it enjoyable. The same principles and priorities are being applied to my body, my health, my parenting, my marriage--and for the first time in a long time, I feel there just might be time enough in my day to thoroughly savor all of these rich blessings on my plate.
It feels nice to be back here. All of these images were taken in my very own front yard. All around me, things feel clean, fresh, and washed brand new.


Mama Bird said...

Congratulations mama! Your new look is fabulous... your words are beautiful. It's great to see you back in this space. And I'm so happy you have an illuminated path you are following - there's nothing you can't accomplish.

Rose said...

Welcome back! Love the new look! Glad to hear you are getting some grounding over there--it must feel GOOD.

Liquid Pen said...

Beautiful light filled images and words....slow, steady, beautiful and true!

kollene carlsson said...

YAY! I'm so so happy for you!