Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Project Update: Little Birds

I am continuing to make these little ornaments, adapted from this great pattern from Spool Sewing. I make about half a dozen little inside-out bodies at once, then flip them, stuff them and hand-sew them shut whenever I need one. I will be making these for years, I suspect. I adore them.
As the first birthday of little b approaches, I am reminded of how strongly little birds resonated with me as I carried him. I had a gorgeous little henna bird on my belly during my last week of pregnancy. My sister made a little bird mobile to hang over my birth pool. And I found myself singing songs about little birds all the time, right through my labor and into his sweet birth.

The Littlest Birds :: The Be Good Tanyas
Little Bird, Little Bird :: Elizabeth Mitchell
Winter's Come and Gone :: Gillian Welch
Three Little Birds :: Bob Marley

Perched throughout our house, these symbols of playfulness, lightness and song grace the season.

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SwedeLife said...

Very cute! I was just a fair trade store, and they had mobils made with birds hanging from wooden circles, and thought of you. Maybe you can stay on a birdie roll even after the holidays! That way you can use all kinds of colorful fabrics....