Thursday, December 4, 2008

On the Road Again: Trip Kit Extraordinaire

Just when we get settled back in, off we go again. This weekend Papa will cheer our alma mater to victory at the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta, while I will spend some quality mama and kiddo time with a dear friend. From there we will head northwest to visit Paw Paw and Nanny and cross our fingers for snow. We will have spent roughly 24 hours in transit upon our return next week. Our Thanksgiving jaunt exhausted the novelty of my car entertainment arsenal, so today I reloaded for what is sure to be an effortless and tear-free trip. (Hear that, universe?)
Things we already had:
--2 Where's Waldo books
--alphabet activity book
--baby toys and books
--BrainQuest, preschool edition
--current Ladybug magazine
--current High Five magazine
--children's CD's, both music and audiobook
(current favorite: Peter and the Wolf)
--National Geographic world map
--Nintendo Gameboy
--paper, colored pencils & markers
--pipe cleaners & beads (maybe we'll whip up some of these)
--pompoms & egg cartons
--tape measure
Things we borrowed:
--16 library books (including several Christmas titles and our newest Magic Treehouse adventure)

Things we made:
--neck pillow (cut two pieces of soft flannel in the shape of a large 'C', sew the right sides together, leave an opening at one end, turn the right sides out, fill the pillow with with rice, and sew it shut)
--felt board (glue dark felt to a piece of thick cardboard, then cut out felt shapes in various contrasting colors)
--book of Christmas carol lyricsWe look forward to chilly visits, hot chocolate, big city Christmas lights, kids' parties, horses, hay, mountains, family and friends. And we look forward to coming home and getting and decorating our tree, egg nog, baking, sewing, wrapping...did I mention how much I love this time of year?


Michelle said...

We are reading books with snow in them right now and Max is in such awe over it. Fingers crossed here for snow for ya'll to frolic in! And my, you are good at packing for a road trip! I've been on one long one with the kids, only five hours, and brought nothing for them to do. They survived and didn't mind, but if we go on anything longer... I'll have to remember to throw a few coloring books in the car! May your travels be carefree, safe, and fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wait, that's me, Michelle Harmon! I forgot to sign my blog in. :)

Corynne Escalante said...

wow, you are like supermom. it seems there is much i can learn from you. we take 7 hour trips to visit family fairly often. i'm in the same boat as michelle, i generally don't really bring anything for them to do. but, you have so many amazingly great ideas! i feel bad now, as i realize what my kids are missing.

thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, it made my day...

Mama Bird said...

I love this Trip Kit. I am going to make a mini one for our short 2-hour trip to Orlando in a couple of weeks. Follow-up idea: what do you pack to eat/snack on?

Kangaroo said...

I must admit, my forethought in the snack arena was lacking this time. We had o's, arrowroot cookies, goldfish (do i have to even say that?), dried fruit, granola bars and water. i should have packed some sandwiches. pretty awful that big B now has three of the four currently offered 'peanuts' trinkets that come with the wendy's chicken nuggets kid's meal. my stove is full of vegetables (and potpourri) right now!