Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby, You've Got Some Fine Motor Skills

These photographs of little b were taken over the last two days at our house. An empty orange juice jug sparked my memory: this activity was a favorite of Big B's when he was little b's age. I fill the jug with little objects (empty spool, wooden screw, clothespin, etc.). The deducing how to get the trinkets out, the eventual success, and the tricky business of refilling the jug creates some serious toddler happiness. Big B also loves the challenge of fine motor skill refinement. (Epiphany: So do I. Perhaps that's why I enjoy knitting so much.) For him, I found this great 116-page free download from a homeschool in South Africa. It is full of games, mazes, and templates for cutting, tracing, and connecting, etc. While this will get a whole lotta use on our family table, my favorite fine motor activities with Big B right now are simply writing and drawing.

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Rose said...

Thanks for reminding me of this!