Thursday, September 17, 2009

Healing Energy: It Takes a Village

We've been off the grid for a week. Big B just went back to school today and the rest of us continue to lay low through the weekend. Little b has fought a month-long battle, beginning with pneumonia and ending with the flu, and the rest of us thought we would join him in this last discomfort. So we've all snuggled into our nest, healing, together.

It is very difficult for me to watch my children through illness that I can't control. After a month of pneumonia, ear infections and flu, I have amassed a bucket-o'-remedies that span the globe, from Eastern medicine to Western medicine, from homeopathic to antibiotic, from elderberry syrup to cough syrup, from herbs and tinctures to acetaminophen and ibuprofen.
But I think what finally did the trick was the love, care, and kindness of our community. In the past week, we have graciously accepted offers of herbs, homemade chicken soup, and two trips to the grocery store. And yesterday, on my doorstep, was this collection of healing stones from a dear friend. It sits as an altar in the center of our home, attracting healing energy and reminding all of us that we are well taken care of, and held high in the hearts of those who love us. (Clockwise from the large purple one: Brazilian River Rock, Tourmalinated Quartz, Chrysoprase, Citrine, Flame Agate)


Liquid Pen said...

Held high you are!

Autumn said...

So, I hadn't cried in a week...