Thursday, October 15, 2009

Learning to Read: Letter Hopscotch

The days are flying by with lightning speed, and Big B is learning to read almost as quickly. New words are added to his repertoire daily. In addition to our nightly reading, we have developed a few games lately to keep this learning process as fun as can be for our little scholar. Today's game: Letter Hopscotch.
Big B would think of the biggest words he could and we'd sound them out together, him jumping to each letter. Then I'd think of words and he'd have to jump to the first letter without help. We had so much fun. When he was all jumped out, Big B, on his own, decided to accentuate the vowels.This chapter of Big B's life is one I know he will enjoy as much as I did, and I feel grateful to be able to witness the unfolding.

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Mama Bird said...

This is such the perfect game for big B... truly active learning! And the learning to read, oh, it is so amazing.