Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Lost Ladybug Project

This. Is. So. Cool. Scientists at Cornell University are asking children all over North America to go on ladybug hunts and send them their data and photos. The project was featured in our newspaper this morning. I read the article to Big B in the truck on the way to his t-ball game, and the whole family got excited and planned a hunt for the afternoon at Papa's office, which sits on ten beautiful acres. We found only one ladybug today, hanging out on the grapefruit tree, but we had a great time searching and will definitely continue.
This project will also help us notice the littlest details in our world. While we were looking we admired many bugs, a very cool earthworm, and the tiniest blossoms.They say ladybugs are lucky, right? I have lived on this planet for thirty three years and have never seen a four leafed clover. I didn't even know I'd been looking right at one until I uploaded this photo of a clover patch near where we were ladybug-searching. Can you find it? We'll be going back tomorrow to try and seek it out...and perhaps more ladybugs too!
The Lost Ladybug Project is a great one for all of you participating in The Great Outdoor Challenge!

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angelina said...

geez, your eyes must be waaay better than mine! i cant see it...