Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Traditions: New Moon Tea Party

Yesterday was the New Moon in Aries, the first New Moon in the zodiac year. It provides us with a clean slate for the year ahead, a chance for new beginnings and clear intentions. It seemed that spring listened. Little b and I spent the morning marveling at the colors and baby delights that seemed to have blossomed overnight in our garden.At one point, little b went into the backyard, savored a big breeze, looked up and sighed, saying "aaaah, pretty day." And it was, just perfect. Last night, I savored our monthly mama gathering to celebrate this new lunar cycle. Signs of new beginnings blossoming were everywhere. This morning, Big B asked me when he could come to a New Moon Circle with me. I told him they were only for mamas, to be together and celebrate the great riches of motherhood. He said, "Awwww, but I heard you have tea and crackers there," which was very cute and sometimes true. So while he was away exercising his brain, little b and I set up this surprise: a post-New-Moon-Circle New Moon Tea Party.Sometimes we do special things for our children, and, though we try to squelch our expectations for their enjoyment, we can't help being slightly disappointed by anything less than a stellar reaction. This was not one of those times. Big B could not have been more excited or grateful. Little b was just as excited to show him. They carefully and politely poured and prepared their tea.Of course, as things would happen only in a house of boys, Cyclops found himself a guest in the circle.I explained that the purpose of our New Moon Circles is to give thanks and to set intentions for the month ahead. Big B's intention was pure and beautiful: "to have fun playing outside in the warm weather." On the table, representing the cardinal elements for which we are thankful, were a piece of clay, a shell, spring clover and a candle. Eventually, all items were introduced to tea.It was the highest honor to share these moments with my little gentlemen, who displayed their innate understanding of the specialness of it all. I am grateful and rich beyond measure.


Rose said...

How beautiful!

(My girl and I are very fond of tea parties, too.)

Anonymous said...

My boys like having tea parties too. I am looking forward to having one outdoors. Love your table setting. You have a beautiful blog!