Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blessing the Mother of the Village

Our dear friend and midwife returned from her Swedish home the last time she was growing a baby, and true to form has done so again, in perfect timing for a mother blessing. Our circle of New Moon mamas would not even be a circle without the birthing home this wise woman created. We owe the congregation of our little village, now with over twenty new children being consciously raised, in large part to her. Naturally, it was an honor place our hands and blessings upon her, full of love enough to carry her back overseas and welcome her third little one.
This blessing incorporated a sweet new element: the Big Sister circle, where the children were wrapped with the same red yarn that ties us all together in birth, in blood, and in love.
Blessings for another sweet birth to our friend,
and gratitude for the village she leaves stateside.

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Liquid Pen said...

I love this sweet memory and the waves of his(her)story behind it!