Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Fall Family Feast

Little b really does go to the sweetest little preschool in all the land.
On Friday, he and his five classmates and their parents gathered for a fall family feast. Each family brought a dish and a craft to share.
(Our craft: each child made a sycamore leaf crown, inspired by Chasing Fireflies.)
When crafting and singing and playing were through, we went into the sweet school for our feast. It was all, every dish, DELICIOUS.
Much ado was made about fancy manners and best behavior, and for the most part, the little ones lived up to the task beautifully. It was quite heartwarming to see them all together, breaking bread, sharing this space of growing and being so proud to show their big siblings and parents their special place.
Thankful is as thankful does.

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