Friday, May 8, 2009

Puppy Dog Tails

Today is the ninth birthday of our dear German Shepherd, Magnus. In honor of the occasion I would like to introduce our faithful beasts, our valiant steed / wolf / monster stand-ins, our tug-of-war partners, our alarm systems, our loyal companions: our dogs, Magnus and Singer.

Name: Magnus
Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 9
Likes: Chasing golf carts, Papa's truck, sleeping, Frosty Paws
Dislikes: Other alpha male dogs, being disturbed by little people
Special Tricks: Magnus is in tune with the energy of the house
Distinguishing Characteristics: Salt-and-pepper beard
Name: Singer
Breed: Mixed, part black lab
Age: 2.5
Likes: Fetch, chasing lizards, our neighbor dog Max, popcorn
Dislikes: Sand in her eyes, being scolded
Special Tricks: Singer is a true healer dog
Distinguishing Characteristics: White socks
We are all grateful that these two creatures have found their way into our home and our hearts. Happy Birthday Magnus--here's to nine more, old friend!


gana said...

i love your dogs!!!! happy happy magnus-doo!!

Liquid Pen said...

Sweet doggies!