Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers' Day!

Today we celebrate Mother's Day, and the amazing mothers in our own lives. Papa helped Big B and little b create gorgeous gifts for Great Gran, Grammy, and me. They turned out beautifully!
I was also the lucky recipient of a pair of Fiskars spring-loaded fabric scissors! I have just laid out the fabric I won from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics (thank you Park City Girl) and the Neptune
line I bought recently; I think I might begin my stacked coins king-sized quilt today. With creativity abounding this weekend, this is what our dining room table looks like on Mothers' Day: a nice big creative mess, and nothing could make Mama happier. Of course, no Mothers' Day post would be complete without a toast to my own mother: Our Mimi, mother and grandmother, honest, strong and wise, a reader and a writer, a lover of good art, good wine and good company, a patron of song and dance, a teacher and a learner, and a lifelong friend. Happy Mothers' Day!
"The best conversations with mothers
always take place in silence,
when only the heart speaks."
~Carrie Latet

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Mama Bird said...

Perfect. Beautiful!