Friday, April 3, 2009

Bubble Wrap Painting

Yesterday, the birthday of a dear friend gave us the perfect occasion to do an art project we've been meaning to try for quite a while: bubble wrap painting. It was so much fun!

Big B couldn't resist a good popping session as I was getting the supplies ready.
First, we cut two pieces of bubble wrap, one with large bubbles, one with small, for varying texture.
Then we chose three acrylic paint colors in a cool blue palette.
Big B really enjoyed painting on the plastic, mixing the colors and 'accidentally' popping more bubbles with his brush.
The finished bubble wrap is almost as pretty as the painting!
Big B flipped over first the large bubble wrap, then the small, pressing each down onto white drawing paper.
He also enjoyed the peeling off process--very satisfying.
Isn't this cool? We were both very pleased. For the finished gift, he did another round of pressing, and titled it 'Marine Forest.'
As the paint was drying, Big B and little b found their way onto some bubble wrap that had fallen on the floor...and a popping dance party ensued.
We may try to use this technique for Easter eggs next week. What a versatile packaging material! Take a look at how one professional artists applies bubble wrap to his mixed media prints. And of course, there's the famous virtual bubble wrap, if you need a moment of instant gratification. Happy popping!


Erin said...

Oooh, love this!!

Mama Bird said...

What a fun project! You are so creative in re-purposing items for arts & crafts. Thanks for the inspiration.

Alisa said...

Our preschool would tape bubble wrap to the sidewalk and all of the kids would ride their trikes across it! What fun! Thanks for sharing the painting idea!