Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Two Classics: The Dictionary and Gershwin

For about a month now, Big B and I have been looking up 'words of the day' in our Mimi-gifted dictionary. He chooses the letter, the page, and the word, and I decide if it's a word he'll actually use or want to remember. Then we reinforce the word throughout the day, using it as often as possible. This is a new routine that we both love. It works to Big B's strengths: love of words, an incredible memory, and a propensity for repeating things.

For several days running, Big B focused on 'A' words. Among others, these gems are now present in his robust vocabulary:




This week, however, Big B decided to switch to 'R' words. How lucky for both of us, as the first word he flipped to was: rhapsody.

I read the definition. I tried to explain. I hummed tunes of songs he knew that didn't fit the rhapsodic mold. Of course, I realized, there is really only one way to teach someone what a rhapsody is, and a huge smile spread across my face.

Rhapsody in Blue. George Gershwin. Fantasia 2000.

This is so worth thirteen minutes. I explained to Big B that Gershwin's version existing long before Disney put their spin on it, and we talked about how cool it was that someone listened to the story the music told and made art accordingly. Soon I think we'll do some art set to music. For now, we just can't get enough of this classic. I am more than a little proud that Big B enjoys it so much.

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Mothering Two said...

What a brilliant idea!!!! I'm so going to do this with Max. Thanks for sharing! :) I'll prolly try it now, and if it doesn't work/he doesn't have interest, I'll wait another year. Eeek, *I'm* excited...