Monday, April 6, 2009

Seven Years, Seven Dollars, Seven Words

Seven years ago today, Papa and I were married, in the pines of south Georgia on his grandmother's land. Today we have a house, two babies, two dogs, two careers, and more happiness than two hearts can hold. A few years ago (I think it was our fourth anniversary), we decided to spend one dollar per year of marriage on our anniversary gifts to each other. This saves money and requires a considerable amount more thought than a traditional gift. On last weekend's yard sale expedition, I had my eyes keenly peeled for something that called Papa's name.

I found it. This humidifying cigar box was only $3. Papa enjoys a good cigar when we return to south Georgia, and since we are going there in a few days for Easter, the timing was perfect.
I went to our local cigar store today, and saw that there was a big jump in quality between what I could buy for my remaining $4, and what I could get for the original $7. I decided that the box, after all, is actually the giftwrap, and I should be allowed the whole $7 for the cigar. I told the aficionado I'd like the best I could get for $7, and when he handed me a Romeo y Julieta Aniversario, I knew it was meant to be.Papa's allowance could not have been spent more romantically. He surprised me by arranging childcare (thank you Noni!) for a sweet hour at the beach this evening, and replicating a sunrise picnic he prepared for me when we were dating: yogurt, granola, and fresh fruit. This time he added dark chocolate and two cold beers, for an unusually indulgent break from our day. Happy Anniversary, Papa. This year I add seven words to my seven dollars: I love you with all my heart.


kollene carlsson said...

oh my goodness... you both are so cute!!! love this! Happy Anniversary to you both... love that you keep the romance strong... so important and so inspiring to you and your gorgeous boys!

Rose said...


You guys are so awesome!

Happy anniversary!

And what a fantastic gift!!!

Mothering Two said...

OMG! So romantic! Your hubby needs to have a "How To Romance Your Wife" chat with mine! You two are so wonderful, my smile is wide across my face. Thank you for sharing this beauty. :) Happy Anniversary!

Mama Bird said...

Awww... What a beautiful tradition you have created - and a beautiful life together. When something is so right, the universe smiles upon you, granting you everything from perfect gifts & dates, to many, many happy years together. Happy Anniversary!

Liquid Pen said...

congratulations! That is such a great way to celebrate. Way to keep each other so close through everything you do. You are a beautiful couple and wonderful parents!!!!

Sara said...

How wonderful! That is so sweet and congratulations on your anniversary! Keep that romance alive!

lily said...

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Moose said...

I love the idea of the dollar amount! We do the same
Tail Wags to All.

qtmom said...

this gave me goosebumps :)

KC @The Wonder Years said...

You pictures are lovely. April 6th is my "baby" girl's birthday (she's 4 this year).

What a sweet celebration. Belated Congratulations!