Monday, August 17, 2009

Camp B, Day Six: Day of the Arts

Today was a Camp B day I've been looking forward to all weekend. We live in a great arts community. Our city's art museum has an almost century-old collection of masterpieces from some of the world's finest artists. We have a solid local and classical music scene. We have many theaters large and small. Today, we decided to experience the arts, kid style, for Camp B, Day Six: Day of the Arts.

We set the tone properly as our chariot arrived with Mama Bird at the helm. We headed to a local wellness community for an inexpensive children's music class. Along the way our big kids named musical instruments and we introduced the idea of the groups they belong in, much like the food groups Big B liked so well last week. Rose and her monkeys met us there, and the kids got their wiggles out before heading to the museum.When we arrived at the museum, the first (and last) place we visited was this darling circus dwarf statue exhibit. The little guys were nestled among the banyan trees, much like our own little guys were.Mama Bird had the brilliant idea to visit the gift shop before we set out through the museum, and buy a handful of postcards depicting masterpieces that we'd find inside. The big kids each took a few and made it their singular mission to find 'their' paintings.Architecture is the mother of the arts, and this loggia surrounding the museum's pallatial courtyard inspires me every time I visit. The kids had a brief reprieve between museum wings to rediscover their outside voices.After a lovely picnic back at the Dwarf Garden with the rest of our village, we headed to our next destination: our family office. Grammy took the boys on their beloved golf cart ride, and Big B found this unripe baby papaya. We cut it open to examine the inside. Its unique texture plus an old office inkpad created an impromptu art project.After we got settled in back at home and dinner was cooking, we gathered the two large boxes of art we'd collected during Big B's preschool years. This was my hidden agenda for today's Camp B theme. While I can't yet bear to throw these works away, as Big B transitions to kindergarten next week, I find the need to celebrate his sweet past in an organized way, a way that will remind him of his creativity and perhaps encourage deeper creative exploration in his future. Inspired by the re-discovery of nine identical small square frames, we decided to select snippets of nine of Big B's most favorite works to create The Preschool Years Collection.
"All children are artists.
The problem is how to remain
an artist once he grows up."
--Pablo Picasso


SwedeLife said...

Anotehr fun adeventure, and great ideas with the postcard mission and framed art! Love ya!

Mama Bird said...

Oh, the framed art, the Preschool Years Collection, makes my heart go pitter pat.

My gang loved joining in Camp B for a day!