Friday, August 28, 2009

Yard Sale Score: Friendship

We headed a few blocks eastward yesterday for the yard sale of a good friend. She is moving to Hawaii in less than a month. It was bittersweet to watch her sell her worldly possessions to move across the country, but she is happy and excited for the journey to join her husband and bring her two sweet babies to a gorgeous oasis.

We felt fortunate to have our selection of toys from her daughter's stash. Our score du jour was a trampoline, which now sits in the center of the boys' room. We also came home with a dozen vintage kids' books in great condition.This one, commercial as it may be, was one of my favorites when I was a child.As soon as I saw this one I knew I'd scored. It was a great surprise for Big B upon his return from his first week at Kindergarten.
The yard sale was not without serendipity. Last week our little chair broke, and we found this absolutely perfect replacement.And it was only yesterday that I decided to seek out a Lite Brite at a consignment store, as it was my very favorite quiet time toy when I was Big B's age.
It is tricky to make a new friend, really really like her and her family, and then watch her move far away. But I am a better person for having known her, and isn't that a great feeling?


Michelle said...

Once again, great finds! Those books are great. And that chair is perfect! You got you some good mojo for the garage sale hunts!

Moriah said...

It IS so sad when a good friend leaves. I always feel richer having known them, though.
Great mini trampoline. It's Evangeline's favorite toy--and should be mine, too--for the exercise! Great books..

Rose said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVED that Grover book, too! I read it to my monkeys. They have no idea who Grover is, so it's kind of out of context, but I think they still like it.