Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Camp B, Day Three: Bird Day

Every Wednesday, we have three glorious hours of the best childcare money can buy, with our friend and babysitter extraordinaire Nee-Nee. This allows Big B and little b some adventure, and allows Mama to get some much-needed work done. Today, I gave Big B and little b the choice of camp themes based on places Nee-Nee likes to take them. The vote was unanimous, and Camp B, Day Three: Bird Day was underway.

As I was loading them up for their guided expedition to a local playground and bird-watching trail, we saw this blue jay in our oak tree--a good omen for Bird Day. Big B brought the camera along as Nee-Nee led them through the trails, on the lookout for birds. See the birdhouse in this majestic oak?Throughout the morning they snapped shots of other kinds of 'birds' in their natural habitats.Midday brought a torrential downpour to our house, followed by many graceful Ibis birds. Big B was excited to welcome one of his favorite friends over this afternoon. We began the playdate with a quick kid-snack and discussion about what birds eat.Then we got our supplies ready to make our own backyard bird treats. Instead of pinecones, we used the balls from the Sweetgum tree we had collected over Thanksgiving. After coating the Sweetgum balls in peanut butter, we dipped them in wild birdseed. We made a dozen little birdy treats and hung them in clusters from the trees in our yard.The sun was shining so we packed up for a trip to the duck pond, picking up another friend along the way. We usually walk, but because of the fickle skies and number of kids in tow, we drove. I parked on a street I had never parked on before and was absolutely shocked to spy an exact replica of our own dear Fiona there! Bird Day was meant to be.We fed the ducks, ibises, and turtles, and had a great time doing it. We are very lucky to be within walking distance of such a great pond. Big B has fed these ducks on a regular basis for his entire young life.As we left, we stumbled upon a nesting spot for a flock of Muscovy Ducks, two of which were molting. I explained this process to Big B tonight just before bed, as it was mentioned during the last of our bedtime stories: Make Way for Ducklings (we also read Kahasi and the Loon and The Early Bird).

There were so many other avian activities and destinations I wanted to explore; we'll have to save those for another day!


Mama Bird said...

I'm can't say enough about what you are doing for your boys. I'm thinking about doing Camp S next week, I am so inspired!

Liquid Pen said...

This is parenting at it's best! What lucky boys!