Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cargo Pocket Tooth Fairy Pillow

Big B lost his first tooth yesterday! What a sweet milestone. I remember when that little tooth came in, feeling its sharpness as Big B sucked on my finger from his perch in the sling. The rite of passage was met with pure excitement in our house, and secret sadness in my heart. Nevertheless, we had to honor it in the traditionally magical way that would welcome The Tooth Fairy to Big B's pillow.

I had very little notice and many, many other projects on the sewing table when the tooth in question decided to I grabbed a pocket that had come off of Papa's shorts some time ago, grabbed some iron-on patches I had in the sewing drawers, appliqued a quick tooth cut-out and made a little pillow.It's not the fanciest Tooth Fairy Pillow ever there was, but the pocket was ready-made and the embellishments were applied with love. And it worked beautifully, for there in the pocket this morning was treasure, and a brand new very cute smile on the face of its finder.


Rose said...

I can't believe he lost a tooth! What a huge milestone!! The little tooth applique is too cute.

Mama Bird said...

Oh! How can it be? I can't wait to see that new smile. And I love the pocket pillow idea - very cute!