Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, little b

My sweet little b has made two trips around the sun, and has brightened our world each day of the journey. Today we celebrated his birth and his life with special touches, our wonderful family, and good friends.

Little b awoke to his mama's singing, a warm house, and his birthday bunting hanging over the back doors.It didn't take him very long to discover the wooden toy box I found at a yard sale, refinished with vintage record jacket graphics, and filled with a ton of those really big Legos from Goodwill.
We played all morning with those, and with other special and thoughtful gifts from Papa and friends.

I sang him the song that I sang throughout my pregnancy with him; magically, I thrifted this songbook just yesterday, and opened right to this page. For a perfectly cool and bright mid-morning adventure, we headed to our local Children's Garden, one of our most favorite spots. We were blessed by the company of many friends. There little b fed fish, jumped from tree stump to tree stump, pulled wagons through tunnels and chased kitty cats. For him it was a perfect birthday morning.This evening we continued the celebration at an All-American burger joint with Grammy, Papu and Noni, who brought little b these bright balloons.
Little b, Papa and I thank you for choosing us to guide you, and for choosing Big B to be your staunch companion. We thank you for your laughter, your funny faces and your funny voices, your award-winning snuggles, your determination, your intuition, your sense of self, your made-up words, your kindness, your sweetness, and your ability to make every single person in your world... HAPPY. We wish for you the same happiness in return, a million times around the sun and back again. Happy birthday little b!


kollene carlsson said...

awe... so sweet! Happy Birthday little b!!! looks like a super fun day you had! what a beautiful birthday banner! we love you all! xoxo

LilyCakes said...

Oh I love you guys! And happy late Birthday Little b! Sounds like you had fun! And wasn't I with you when you got Little b that toy box?

Rose said...

Happy Birthday to you, Mama. Hard to believe our "babies" are two!!

Mama Bird said...

sweet sweet sweet. happy birthday and holiday blessings to your nest.