Thursday, June 17, 2010

Calm Cushions: Zafus for Kids

Yesterday we headed south to celebrate Papa's Grandma Ruth's 85th birthday. As is her custom upon receiving her grandchildren as visitors, she began offering the things in her house. She insisted that I take the two lovely hand-crocheted pillows I complimented on her couch. I graciously accepted. She said they were made by her friend's daughter and would love to find them a good home. Done!

Today I played catch-up around the house, and as a result, Big B and little b were getting a bit out-of-sorts toward day's end. I remembered the pillows and threw them on the floor and asked each boy which was his favorite. They chose differently (whew!), and voila, my children now each have their own "calm cushion." I told them that whenever they were feeling like they needed a moment to take a deep breath or read a book, they could use their cushion and it would bring them a bit of peace. It worked, if only for a moment (and perhaps for novelty's sake), like a charm.
Seeing the pillows on the floor also reminded me of my friend Rose's recent zafu creation. So there's something to this! A zafu is simply a round cushion traditionally used in zen meditation. Having a comfortable, portable piece of peace is a great idea for kids--why haven't I thought of it sooner? And these are just perfect. Thank you Grandma Ruth!


Rose said...

Oooh, those are funky and lovely! A great idea...I think I might see some mini zafus in my future! As I said in my post, the kids would never leave the zafu alone when it was in the main part of the house, and they destroyed it. And they still love it (even more?) now that it's hidden in my room.

Mama Bird said...

What a great idea. The gifted cushions are precious and perfect. Makes me want zafus for the whole family!