Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Neighborhood Lemonade Stand

Have I mentioned before how fabulously fabulous our neighborhood is? We live on the greatest street in all the land, with five very close families with young children within mere feet of each other. I know that the value of this kind of community in the growth of my children is beyond measure. Today, one of these families called us and reminded us of an idea--and just a few hours later, five families came together to host a neighborhood lemonade stand.

Our children collectively decided that The Humane Society would be the lucky recipient of their earnings.
One family brought cookies, several brought lemonade, one brought paper goods, one brought ice, and many painted signs. We mostly just had a very sweet afternoon, pausing at the parental shout of "CAR!" to grab signs and entice passing motorists.When all was said and done, our amazing children raised $96 and change for their chosen cause. All of us agreed that we should do this more often! It has so many benefits: us mamas and papas truly enjoy each others' company, our children simply love each other, and they are learning valuable life lessons in the process.
We are so lucky.


Rose said...

I have such a weakness for lemonade stands! Every time I see one, I absolutely always buy a cup or two or three. I remember so well the lemonade stands of my childhood, held on deserted Kansas streets with nary a customer in sight! Mine never earned $96!! That's amazing!

I was thinking of doing some sort of fundraiser with my kids when we get back from vacation, to raise money for the oil spill cleanup. I was thinking of a bake sale but perhaps a lemonade stand might be fun!

Mama Bird said...

This was a picture-perfect lemonade stand! So glad we could stop by and make a contribution. You truly do have a lovely street.