Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Man of Many Hats

In honor of Father's Day this morning, after preparing a stellar breakfast-in-bed for our pater familias, Big B and little b put on a fashion and music show for their biggest fan. I don't have pictures of this spectacular display because I was too busy cheering and narrating the show--all I have is a photo of the pile of discarded fashions--but I'll describe it as a sweet celebration of how much two boys love their daddy.

And let me use this space to say this about the man that is their father. Papa never, ever ceases to amaze me. Even after a very long and cerebral workday, his enthusiasm, excitement, humor and strength nurture and grow these children on a daily basis. He has never once failed to seize an opportunity to make them happy. Perhaps above all else, Papa is simply a good man. His example has already laid the foundation for my two young princes to grow into greatness.

Our little fashion show was an appropriate tribute to a man who wears so many hats, and a chance for the recipients of his many gifts to tip their hats to him and say: Thank you, Daddy.