Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kid-made Father's Day T-Shirts

Fabric crayons! Brilliant! I found some, unopened, at a Goodwill and we decided to try them out for a special Father's Day surprise. I helped Big B and little b by outlining a tree and two apples on plain white paper, and they got to work.
When their creations were complete, I placed them face down on our new plain white T's, covered them with paper (and placed paper between the layers of the shirt to avoid color transfer), and pressed each design for about three minutes. We were all so happy with the bright results! I like this method infinitely better than the old iron-on transfer paper.
So this morning, fresh coffee in hand, the boys put on their shirts and presented their hero with his gift, saying together: "The apples don't fall far from the tree!" Nope. They don't. And I'm so glad.
Happy Father's Day!

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Mama Bird said...

Sooo sweet! What a great idea. It's nice to have you back in this space sharing all your creativity.