Friday, June 3, 2011

Pouring from the Pitcher

Wednesday marked the New Moon in Gemini, and with it a solar eclipse. It was a time to say good-bye to what we no longer need, and welcome the positive change we have been resisting. I embraced this moon with open arms. As I continue on the difficult but hugely rewarding path toward Organized Simplicity, I am forced to acknowledge that I have adopted a lifestyle which is no longer serving me. Too many things, too many obligations, too many yeses that should have been nos fill my plate. Slowly, day by day, garbage bag by garbage bag, I am removing each of them. During this process I am reminded of the willow, and intend to stay firmly rooted while allowing the winds of change to bend my branches toward the sun.

As I am forced to acknowledge my overflowing plate, I am also placed face to face with another harsh reality: I am not the only one who is being shortchanged. It is my responsibility (and honor) to position my children for smooth, happy sailing in these tender years. How can their sailing be smooth when their ship is often chaotic, cluttered, rushed, and driven by a sleep-deprived captain?

In the amazing culture study The Continuum Concept, Margaret Mead tells the author of her pitcher-of-milk theory: if you want to teach a child to pour himself a glass of milk, get up, get a pitcher of milk, and pour yourself a glass. If I want my children to sail smoother seas, I must sail smoother seas myself. As I am clearing away the obstacles and moving toward a simpler life, I will remember to fill my own cup, so that it holds plenty for others. My intention for this moon is to pour from the pitcher and fill my own cup.

As a reminder, I am filling up my favorite pitcher with water each morning, infused with something sweet (lime, cucumber, mint, etc.) and placing a small glass next to it. Each time I walk by, I fill my cup. Here's hoping your cup stays full as well. (Not overflowing. Just full.)


Mama Bird said...

Beautifully put, my friend. Transformation is always an intense process. You've made great strides and I know you'll continue to find peace and balance on this journey.

Rose said...

Yeeehaw, Sister!! Here's to your transition being an easy one!

It's so easy to forget that *we* are the role models our children look to. We truly *are* our children's first (and best) teacher. One of my favorite tricks for this is when I feel myself losing my cool, I ask myself, "What does this moment require of me?" I don't always remember, but when I do, it works!

I wrote about it here: