Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Beach Quilt, Part One

I am so happy that summer is here I could kiss the sky. It seems my habitual Goodwill thrifting anticipated my giddiness. For many cooler months, each trip to my favorite Goodwill yielded at least one or two vintage pillowcases or sheets. I had been making aprons with them for a little while, but this stack seemed to be growing into something...more.
Enter: Beach Season. Wednesday was the first official Beach Day for our sweet village of friends. We've been coming to this oasis as a tribe now for six summers, sharing wisdom and picnics and watching our growing babes discover this sweet spot anew each June.
Just look at them--they are all so big now. The girls lead the rescue missions and collect their creatures in buckets...
...while the boys, a la Lord of the Flies, climb their mountain of twisting sea grape branches and beach boulders.
And the mamas watch, talk, feed, nourish, occasionally knit, support, learn, and breathe.
To pay homage to this season of our lives, I rather easily decided to transform that stack of vintage linens into a summer beach quilt. This satisfies so many of my summer goals: carving out more time for creativity as a release, making beauty for our family, having a productive home, and spending as much time outside as possible. Using this square as inspiration, I am well on my way.
These colors just sing summer, don't they?


Liquid Pen said...

What a sweet start to summer!

Rose said...

It's beautiful!! I love the little splashes of the poppy red color!

Cheryl said...

Laura, this is just beautiful!!! I too have a stack like yours, just waiting for something magical. :)

Mama Bird said...

Oh,I WANT one too! Maybe I can sit on yours some this summer. It's beautiful, and perfect for our special little coastline.