Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Traditions: Good Morning, Beach

Little b began preschool this week. My heart has been in my throat for three days straight. As much as I love the school, the teacher, the children, the families...he's gone, and I miss him. Sure, I'm able to work more. Sure, the house is cleaner. Sure, I can have a phone conversation. But I feel like part of my body is gone. And with Big B now in first grade, on these preschool days the house is just so...quiet.

To help us both with the transition, little b and I have started a morning ritual. After dropping Big B off at big kid school, we head south to little b's school. The trip puts us there about ten minutes early, so we stop at a quiet beach nearby and say, "Good morning, Beach!" Little b finds flowers and shells, and I watch him, secretly wrapping him up with love and hoping it's enough to carry him through the day.

This is really, really hard.


Liz ~ A Natural Nester said...

Congratulations on letting little b out of the nest! It will get easier, day by day, for both of you!

I just love your new "good morning, beach" tradition. I have idle time with little s before preschool too (after dropping off Big S)... you've inspired me to look for a nice place in nature for us to ease the transition.

Thank you for sharing... sending you strength.

catching caterpillars said...

ok I'm seriously crying... this is so sweet... when will the lump in my throat go down... please don't say when they're 25!!!