Sunday, July 1, 2012

Celebr-EIGHT-ing Big B

Yesterday, we gathered at one of our family's favorite beach spots to celebrate Big B's eighth journey around the sun. I arrived by car with the feast for our family and friends, and Papa and Noni brought the boys and the (surprise!) inner tube by boat.

At one point I walked down toward the water and saw so many of our village there, floating in the sunset lit water, every single one of them with a smile on their beautiful faces--and soaked in the good fortune that my children have to be living in a place with such abundant love, friendship, and beauty. We struggle with lessons of gratitude, humbleness, perspective--but I am confident that when they are grown, wise men, they will reflect on these days of innocence with appreciation and joy.

Big B's Eight Cake was a big hit! I used this tried and true recipe, per his request for a chocolate chunk brownie cake--with this amazing buttercream frosting. To make the "8," I just doubled both recipes and baked the cakes in identical Bundt pans. I sliced about an inch and a half off of the end of each and matched their edges to make a perfect eight. Bonus: The inch and a half remains were a perfect day-after-party treat for Big B and little b.
My wish for Big B for his ninth year is to be confident, creative, and happy. He was born with such rich gifts in his intelligence and his spirit--now I think he is ready to use those gifts in a new way, one that is on his own time and by his own design. I continue to feel the honor and privilege of the best seat in the house to watch him unfold. Happy BIRTH day, my prince. Thank you for making me a mama--the greatest gift I'll ever be given.

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SwedeLife said...

Happy Birthday to you all.