Friday, July 17, 2009

Emergency Activity: Backyard Car Wash

Sometimes, there are situations that require emergency activities to keep little ones occupied. Yesterday one such situation arose. I needed silence for a telephone meeting that was set to last about ten minutes. So about five minutes before the meeting, I emptied the biggest rubbermaid container in the house, squirted some baby shampoo in it, and turned on the hose.

Big B helped me line up the vehicles waiting for little b's 'car wash,' and little b was primed and ready with a sponge and washcloth. Mission Emergency Activity: successful!


Starr Weems de Graffenried said...

Hey, I've got some emergency activities, too! :)

I make activity packs to keep on hand for situations when I need my kids to play independently for a while. Each one usually costs $1 or less. I just posted an article about it:

BTW, I've linked to your blog in an article on outdoor classrooms. It will probably be published later today.

Mama Bird said...

little b should start charging... we could all bring over our kiddo rides for a wash! I LOVE it!

Kathie said...

GREAT idea!!!!! Glad it worked for you and can't wait to try it for me! :o)

Kangaroo said...

starr, how awesome are you? i can't wait to read both pieces. thanks so much for the link.