Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gratitude Beads

Last night was a very powerful New Moon. The moon remained in Cancer and coincided with the longest solar eclipse of the century, said to be a time for a great shift, for deep compassion, and for new beginnings. At last night's New Moon Circle we decided to signify this by creating Gratitude Beads.

After many Mother Blessings and kids' beading sessions, my bead supply has dwindled to almost nothing. So on Saturday morning, Papa and I took the boys on a yard sale expedition, after which I was planning a trip to the bead store. That proved unnecessary. I found a beautiful collection of beaded necklaces, mostly handmade, at a yard sale held by a woman I suspect was going through chemotherapy. As I picked through her beads, gravitating naturally toward a color palette, I immediately felt grateful: for my health, for my family waiting in the car while I thrifted, for my neighborhood, and for unexpected treasure.

Little b thought my choices were beautiful.As we gathered last night, thousands of people across the world were gathering as well, drawn to the power of the total solar eclipse."A roar went up at the ghats as people gasped and screamed in awe. Some stared in stunned silence while others shook hands with total strangers in fits of joy. The city was suddenly clothed in a surreal glow of faint light that was eerie, exhilarating and nothing like most had ever seen before." --The Times of India
At our own smaller circle, our table-o'-ju-ju was replaced by beading supplies as we moved from sacred ritual to mindful crafting.
Inspired by the ideas of Rose and Mama Bird, I placed 28 beads on a leather cord (to represent the lunar cycle), and anchored them with one perfect circle. Everyone's beads are so beautiful, collectively and individually. I will carry my beads and count my blessings daily.


Michelle said...

i love your witchy ways, mama. so beautiful! and damn, i missed the eclipse!

Rose said...

They are gorgeous!

I love how we can all write about the same subject, and get totally different posts.

Thanks for the great circle!