Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yard Sale Score: The Perfect Lamp

On the way home from a quick road trip yesterday, Big B, little b and I saw a hand-painted, funky yard sale sign one block south of our street. I had a good feeling about this one.

Because it was late in the afternoon, the sweet family hosting the sale had reduced their prices in half. I scored this lamp for only $5. The photos do not do the color matching justice, but the print matches my bedroom walls (Benjamin Moore 'Timothy Straw') perfectly.This is a great addition to our bedroom, and with the fabrics I've chosen for our new king-sized stacked coins quilt, I hope to up the grown-up factor in our marital suite and create a romantic, calm atmosphere at the end of our very busy days.


Mama Bird said...

You have the yard sale touch. Fabulous find!

Michelle said...

LOVE it. Very pretty, what a great find. And it's so funny that you mentioned the "grown up factor" for your bedroom! I'm still working on that over here, too. Slowly but surely.