Sunday, July 19, 2009

Snip and Snail, The Interview? WOW!

Starr Weems de Graffenreid is a teacher, artist, educational activity designer, and the author of Teach Your Child Spanish Through Play and Brain Child. She is also a writer for the Huntsville Education Activites Examiner, and she found my blog when she was doing a story on color walks. When she contacted me asking for an interview to be included in a series of articles on 'inspirational children's activity bloggers,' I was floored!

This blog has proved a worthy outlet for not only creativity but accountability, to being grateful, to finding time to create and appreciate beauty, and to being the kind of attentive mother I know my boys deserve. And while I am so pleased that others in the blogosphere come to visit, I never would have thought I would be called 'inspirational.' So this feature is a real honor of the most unexpected kind.

Here is Starr's feature of Snip and Snail.


angela said...

How exctiting! Congratulations!

Mama Bird said...

What a great feature! I love that your creativity is reaching others on a broad scale. The photos included are so perfect and beautiful. Congratulations; you are an inspiration.

Liquid Pen said...

You are on fire woman! That is so wonderful...the ripple effect in full force!

The Exploration Station said...

Hey, I was surprised and excited to see your blog interview too! I agree - it's so exciting and an honor to be featured! And you are an inspiration!

She contacted me as well for my Exploration Station Blog. I'm hosting a book giveaway of her Brain Child book on my Wonder Years blog so I thought I'd share the link in case you or your readers wanted to participate. I have 2 books to give away.

kollene carlsson said...

you inspire me!!!