Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 Projects : Improv, and Otherwise

My whirlwind craft-a-thon during the holidays has inspired me to have a fabric project in the works pretty much constantly. Here is a sampling of projects I'd like to complete in 2009.

1 :: King Quilt (Master Bedroom)

Today I took a big quilting leap and joined Tallgrass Prairie Studio's Project Improv. This project was inspired by the incredible Quilts of Gee's Bend. By April 1, I will complete an improvisational quilt block, in blues and greens, to be part of a large charity quilt. Then, sometime this year (no deadlines), I will design and complete my first improvisational log cabin quilt. I am excited and a bit nervous--I perused the blogs of the other participants and I am WAY out of my league. But I can take my time, and use my own design, and my own mistakes, and I feel certain something beautiful will come of this. I have a yard of brown and turquoise batik on my sewing desk that will serve as inspiration for the fabrics. Time to go shopping...

2 :: Bunk Bed Quilts

Santa brought bunk beds for the boys this Christmas. Yes, he removed big B's old bed, built and installed the bunks, rearranged and cleaned their room, and removed four huge bins of unnecessary toys, all in one evening. Truly a Christmas miracle. So I told big B and little b that to celebrate this fantastic new fixture in their now-shared room, I'd be making them new quilts. The 'B' appliques are ready to sew on, and the tops and binding are selected. I think I will tie quilt these with varying colors and sizes of blue buttons.

3 :: Craft Night Bag

Remember that yard of fabric I won from Sew, Mama, Sew? I'd like to use it to make something for myself, as it seems befitting for gifted fabric. The Mamas and I are trying to have more frequent craft nights, and a cute one-project bag would be perfect. I am inspired by the designs at Fat Orange Cat, like this adorable initial bag, and I LOVE corduroy. I can see it now.

4 :: Children's Music Room Rug

When I took down the Christmas tree, I decided not to replace its vacancy with the rocking chair, which now happily lives in the boys' room. So currently in that space are an upright piano, a child's piano, three drums, a basket full of children's musical instruments, and a child-sized rocking chair and table. A children's music room was born, but its hard terrazzo floors desperately need an area rug. I may use this keyboard rug from Woodworkers Auction as inspiration; it looks like it would make a good floor quilt design. I also adore this technique from Crazy Mom Quilts and am kicking myself for trashing my scraps before the holidays. I'm saving them again now, and will probably use this idea for a bathroom rug.

5 :: Tooth Fairy Pillow

When I saw this Matryoshka tooth fairy on The Long Thread, I fell in love. It then occurred to me that I might need to whip up one of these this year. Big B and little b both grew their first baby teeth at around three months, so it stands to reason that they will lose them on the early side as well. I still fondly remember my tooth fairy pillow. I'll start this project when big B feels his first wiggle.

6 :: Patchwork Throw Pillows

Part of my annual spring cleaning routine is making new throw pillows for our couch. This year I am determined not to be lazy and to actually include some sort of fastener, zipper, button or other way to remove the pillow cover, to extend the longevity of these creations. That way I can at least rotate them. I visited spool sewing quite a bit over the holidays, and this simple patchwork idea inspired me. I hope this will be a nice and easy spring project that refreshes our poor old couch.


Of course, this list doesn't include holiday projects, baby gifts, my growing fondness for knitting, or anything else that might pop up in 2009. But the prospect of a quilt or project on the machine at all times brings a bit of zen into my otherwise crowded mind.


Maggie said...

I can't believe that you are out of your league for Project Improv. It'll be a fun project to be a part of and a way to inspire new creativity.

Set aside your rotary cutter and rip or cut with scissors. Have a glass of wine and start sewing.

Amanda Jean said...

perhaps an envelope back for your throw pillow? they are so easy and very handy.

i love your projects that you have lined up.

Kangaroo said...

aj - thanks! that's what i was thinking too. with a large button. love me some buttons.

Jackie Russell said...

I really don't think you are out of your league with Project Improv. I can't wait to get started and feel this is way out of my league but still excited about starting.

Maria Rose said...

Wow, that is an impressive list.

Victoria said...

Great list of goals, and I don't think you are out of your league at all with the improve project, have fun... you will do great! Also, I really like the idea of making the B quilts, so clever!

Anonymous said...

You are so ambitious! I also want to make a simple tote bag for The Boy. That might be a fun craft night activity for us.

I can't wait to see the finished quilts for the boys.

bettyninja said...

You are so in your league! I can't wait to stop buy and see what you create!

gana said...

you want to make an olive green corduroy purse for me? thank you. ;) btw, love the 2Bs.