Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Traditions: Earth Day Nature Devotionals

Happy Earth Day! We were inspired by a display of nature devotionals we saw while viewing the sand mandala this week. This afternoon, in honor of Mother Earth, we recreated the activity. We collected stones, feathers, ferns, flowers, sticks, moss, leaves and fruit. The kids in my wonderful neighborhood joined us as we symbolically gave thanks to the Earth by creating beauty from her objects. The kids really just enjoyed being outside together, fulfilling Big B's New Moon intention. In the process, many lovely arrangements were made.
Little b could not be trusted to keep the creations intact. This prompted a conversation, also aided by the teachings of the mandala, about the impermanence of all things. Little b finally complied with the big kids and instead found joy in squishier sensations. Toes in rocks......and fingers in loquats, ripening one by one on our tree.
The fallen fruit became the inspiration for a series of faces. Mother Nature has a sense of humor!
I think I have found our family's new Earth Day tradition. What is yours?


Liz ~ A Natural Nester said...

Great idea! What a fun post & a fun way to honor Earth Day with your kids. We don't have any Earth Day traditions over here yet... but you've got me thinking about it.

catching caterpillars said...

fantastic!!! this is great stuff!!!