Saturday, September 25, 2010

Inviting Fall: Pinecone Wreath

Wednesday's Autumnal Equinox came and went without my planned seasonal fanfare, as our four schedules left us all passing ships in the night, with barely enough time for nutrition, homework and hygiene, let alone crafty ritual. But this morning was just right for it. A cool breeze, a slow pace, and nothing on the agenda but enjoying each other's company.

On our annual Labor Day trip to south Georgia, we went on a pinecone hunt, and gathered a bagful to bring home for fall decorating.
We pulled it out this morning, along with a styrofoam wreath form I've had lying around for way too long, and Big B and little b had fun sorting the pinecones into just the right arrangement. The real fun began when I told them I'd let them use the hot glue gun. The reverence of that tool held their rapt attention for the entire project.

I wrapped the wreath form with autumnal fabric, then let the boys take turns with the hot glue gun, gluing their pinecone of choice to the fabric, bottom side inward.
I glued small rust colored ornaments and cinnamon sticks between their pinecones as we worked. With the leftovers, we made a welcoming basket for the front hall table.
We all felt so proud to hang our welcoming wreath on the front door, inviting more cool breezes, cinnamon smells and warm, rusty colors. I immediately went into the kitchen and made butternut squash bisque! We wholeheartedly welcome you, autumn, and all your gracious gifts!


Meredith Shadwill said...

What a beautiful, festive wreathe! You guys did a great job on it.

catching caterpillars said...

ooooooh wow, how pretty! what a nice way to welcome fall! Fall, if you're listening... can you please blow just a tad cooler winds to Florida... I would be even more in the mood to welcome you... but for now I will fill my kiddie pool and have a pop sickle... but hey, that's pretty fun too! :-)