Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Inviting Fall: Paper Tree

I was immediately inspired when I saw this post on my favorite children's craft collective, The Crafty Crow. It was a nice, slow process. The boys helped me cut branches from paper grocery bags. The tree stayed leafless for a couple of days, then we took out the watercolors and painted a handful of coffee filters I had stashed in the craft cabinet.
The next day, when the coffee filters were dry, we folded the filters in half, then in half again, then cut a leaf shape out of them, leaving a very cool star in the center of each.
I love our new door art! The leaves don't really change much where we live, so creating a bit of color brings the season that much closer. Looking forward to more cinnamon and pumpkins and apples and hay and all things autumn!


Rose said...

Oh! Your tree is so pretty! We did something similar at Thanksgiving time last year, with our "thankfulls" written on each leaf.

SwedeLife said...

Lovely, and nice creativity using what you had....I saw that one and by bassed it as we did not have tissue paper. Grocery bags and coffee filters, smart!!!