Monday, February 23, 2009

Practice: Stacked Coin Doll Quilt

After I made the quilt square for the Project Improv charity quilt, I began sorting through my fabric scraps, inspired. I found these strips from my first endeavor into strip piecing many moons ago. These were all scraps that I didn't particularly love, but pieced together I liked the rainbow effect. What I didn't think through when making these was that strip piecing only works (for most quilts) if you sew a FEW rows together at once, not all of them! When I realized my mistake I tucked these into my scrap drawer and promptly forgot they existed, until last night. But in practice for my Stacked Coins quilt, they are perfect. While watching the Oscars I whipped together a doll-sized quilt top (only about 20" x 40") for my first attempt at the pattern.


nanasatticquilts said...

I so know what you mean. I just love it when it turns out like that. Something beautiful comes from what you thought was a mistake before! Love it!

Rose said...

I love it! Okay, and at first I thought you made that whole thing from scratch in just one night.

I just found a BUNCH of assorted quilt blocks and strips from old projects. Thought it might be fun to make one big quilt out of them. The challenge is in making a cohesive look out of a bunch of odd blocks.

What do you plan to do with your new quilt? Wall hanging, table runner, or are you going to bind it as a doll quilt?

Kangaroo said...

it has a fun, bright palette, so i'm thinking i'll just give it to the boys as a doll quilt...a wall hanging would be nice too though? i'll have to see how it turns out. it's on my machine now, being stippled a couple of inches at a time (stipple, nurse, work, stipple, nurse, work...)