Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Three Days, Thirteen Pounds of Strawberries

Hard to believe, but they're gone. Today we kicked off the end of our mini-strawberry festival with this ode to the berry (I know, it looks like an apple), made with cardstock, glue, and wax crayon shavings. The crayon shavings were leftover from a gift we presented at a very sweet princess-and-superhero party over the weekend. Big B and I peeled and broke up a tray of various shades of pink, red, and white crayons.
We then placed the bits into a mini-muffin tin and baked them for about 15 minutes at 250F. In my rush to get Indiana Jones ready (there is currently no greater superhero to Big B), I neglected to spray the tin, and the crayons, of course, stuck. Thank you, Papa, for patiently scraping the new and beautiful princess crayons out of the muffin tin. The only thing Big B requested from the thirteen pounds of strawberries was a strawberry shortcake. So this afternoon, in preparation for Papa's softball picnic, we got to work. A bit messy, but homemade, down to the whipped cream.
We had strawberries to snack on, rhubarb pie, strawberry muffins, strawberry shortcake...what else did we do with all those strawberries? Papa got busy mixing his own southern delicacy, infusing strawberries into moonshine he was given on his last trip to Georgia.
And that is how one family of four used thirteen pounds of strawberries in three days.


Cathy said...

I love to make homemade strawberry jam. Haven't made it in years. I think you have inspired me to make some.

Mama Bird said...

What a strawberry adventure we've had. Trade you a jar of jam for a jar of moonshine?

gana said...

i can attest to your pie's deliciousness. mmm... thanks for sharing. i made a strawberry cobbler with mine. and i'm thinking about making muffins tonight, we'll see. :)