Monday, February 2, 2009

Village Project: Midwife to Mother (Part II)

The second sacred and secret project I've been working on was presented to my dear friend, and midwife to little b, this afternoon. It is such a special thing when a midwife has a baby. All of the energy she has given to so many families swirls around her throughout her pregnancy and birth. To try and embody this, the voice of the village put out the word for families who have been touched by this midwife to send in entries for a book that would be bound and given to her upon the birth of her first child. We received some beautiful, touching pages.
The beautiful painting for the cover was donated by the visionary, who is also a local fine artist and birth art creator. For the binding, I affixed canvas fabric to the backs of the painted art canvas covers, and inserted scrapbook screws through the fabric and all of the paper entries. This left the artwork in tact and allowed for additional entries in the future. For my own entry, I colored a mandala, which is what my midwife did with Big B while Papa and I labored with little b. I attached some photos of our birth and well wishes for her new family. These village projects, for both of the midwives that helped deliver our children, created to celebrate the births of their own children, presented on consecutive days...well, I am overwhelmed with emotion and grateful beyond belief. They have been so important in the lives of our family, and have created a village of other families empowered and nurtured to raise their children consciously.

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Mothering Two said...

Wow, mama! Some major juju has been happening with you! The quilt and book, just absolutely touching and beautiful. Heidi and Harmony are such amazing midwives and its so nice to see so much love and warmth being given back to them. I can feel the energy oozing from my computer screen! Good stuff, indeed. :)