Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Inspiration: Creative Living

Saturday afternoon, we rounded up Grammy and went to the County Fair. After experiencing so many people, rides, sights and calories in such a small space... ...we packed up and headed north, back to where it all began, and spread out a little bit, enjoying the fresh spring air.
Between functions on campus, we stayed at Big L and little l's dome sweet dome in the woods, where creativity thrives. Some current projects there: Uncle S is putting the finishing touches on an observatory over their glassblowing studio...Aunt S is working on a scrappy crazy quilt (and let me raid her amazing fabric stash, thank you)...Big L is painting signs and making palmetto roses for her first art festival next weekend...And little l, running so fast I can't keep up, is learning the arts of skateboarding, fiddle-playing, and trampoline acrobatics.It was a lovely excursion, where Big B and little b were able to be dirty and free, enjoying their cousins and life in the country. As evidenced by the writing on the bus where we slept, what goes around comes around. Every time I visit my sweet sister and her family, I feel refreshed, renewed, and somehow washed of complication, so that I strive to live more simply and create more beauty in my world.


Mothering Two said...

Wow, your sister is beyond cool. The garden, the art, the kids all dirt covered from a day outside... how dreamy! I can see that creative energy flows quite freely throughout your beautiful family, L.

Mama Bird said...

Sounds like a bounty of inspiration and the perfect kick off to a new season! Your sister's place looks fantastic.

Rose said...

When can I go?

I love the "Welcome Home" sign. Might have to steal that idea.

What an absolutely perfect reminder for me today. Thanks.

gana said...

oohh... the fair and g'ville?! what a fabulous w'end for ya'll! love and miss ya'll. see you soon! :)

Erin said...

Beautiful! Where is that? Looks like a fabulous time!