Friday, March 20, 2009

Planting Seeds for the First Day of Spring

Although it has felt rather spring-ish here for a few weeks now, there is something about this Equinox that feels especially rejuvenating. There is a real sense of 'out with the old, in with the new' in our house: the phrase 'spring cleaning' has never resonated with me so deeply. Things are being purged and organized, our plants and trees have new growth waiting to burst open, and we have all been spending most of our afternoons in the backyard.

To celebrate, Big B, little b and I got our hands a little dirty and planted a child-sized pot of marigolds. We placed our marigolds on top of our Freecycled playground (next to our bubble machine, which has been getting daily use).
We are excited to watch them grow, and to plant the seeds of our creativity this spring. Little b is embarking on the most exciting world of hand held artistic implements......and Big B, ever the consummate storyteller, gets more creative and expressive with each new day.
"Just as we plant seeds in our gardens during this time,
so we can plant the seeds of our creativity over this whole period,
in whatever sphere of our lives requires them."

-Lara Owen, astrologist

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Mama Bird said...

It's so great to dig in dirt with the kids. Beautiful artwork, go Bs!