Sunday, March 15, 2009

Seventh Knit: A Spring Kerchief, for Mama

I am definitely addicted, and I know why. Sure, the satisfaction of a completed handknit is lovely, but it is fleeting. Almost instantly, the finished knitter wants more. Knitting is not so much about the destination as it is about the journey. And isn't that the goal of meditiative practice: the living in the moment, the joy of the present? As soon as that last baby hat was off the needles, I searched for my next project. I decided to celebrate spring with a nice cotton kerchief. I have worn bandanas since childhood and there is something intrinsically nurturing about them for me. So this project filled my well twofold: both the practice of knitting, and the end result, take care of my soul a little bit.

Having said that, I almost waved this little white flag in surrender. This project was my first experience with increasing, and I had to start over at least half a dozen times. I just assumed (of course, you know what that gets you) that an increase was the opposite of a decrease, and that, mathematically, I should increase every other stitch on every other row. My little triangle quickly became unmanageable. Then I did some research and found that increases are typically done at the ends of the rows. I found this pattern and was able to finish the project. LESSONS LEARNED: While this pattern was helpful in teaching me the basics of increasing, the finished size doesn't suit me perfectly; it makes those wingy thingys near the top that are rather nun-like (not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not me). So I will definitely be trying again, perhaps with this pattern, which looks a bit more challenging.


Mama Bird said...

Oh, you know how I love the bandannas & kerchiefs as well! I love this and can't wait for our Stitch & Bitch II to learn to do one myself. Congrats, mama!

Rose said...

Love that link. May have to make one for myself!

Looking forward to tomorrow night!