Monday, March 16, 2009

Mission Organization: Family Craft Station

Watch out. I am on a mission to organize all of the closed spaces in my house. Closets. Drawers. Cabinets. Shelves. Bins. All of it. With this inspiring post by Rose as my guide, I decided to begin in a place that would give me instant gratification: the kids' craft station. I purged, I organized, I categorized, filling old shoeboxes and bins with great satisfaction. Now I'm on the lookout for thrifted lazy susans to make the cabinets a little more child-friendly. As I re-filled our craft hutch, I kept a running list of craft supplies to refer to when we need an activity. I am QUITE impressed with our stash:

paper: construction, cardstock, translucent, solar, drawing, watercolor, canvas
peg doll supplies: clothespins, heads, stands, paint and tiny brushes, protectant
activity books: magazines, hidden pictures, mazes, cut-outs, coloring books
beading supplies: beads, lanyard, pipe cleaners, hemp, embroidery thread
writing utensils: markers, colored pencils, crayons, chalk, contes, pastels
stickers: foam, glow-in-the-dark, holiday, star, circle, geographic, etc.
paintbrushes: in all sizes, with and without squeezable paint handles
glue: elmer's, spray, stick, scrap, 3-in-1, fabric, craft, roller
hole punchers: round, rectangular, star-shaped
paints: acrylic, watercolor, sparkle, finger, foam
tape: scotch, masking, magnetic
clay, playdough, tools
corks, sponges, feathers
popsicle sticks, wire
brown paper bags
collage cut-outs
rubber stamps, stamppads
bubble wrap, sandpaper
fabric / yarn / felt scraps
ribbon, ribbon, ribbon
glitter, glitter, glitter
magnifying glasses
gesso, modpodge
sealing wax

When I was finished, I set out a morning activity: the letter of the week for Big B, and corks under translucent cups for little b.Not only was this mission a success for my kids' crafts, but I dug up a dusty box of my own treasure not seen for many years: my linoleum block printing supplies. Papa bought these for me after our honeymoon, when I raved about the prints at Hatch Show in Nashville. I am slightly ashamed to say I've never used them. Now I can hardly wait! I'm working on a design for an Easter card. If the linoleum doesn't cooperate with me, I may use this technique or this one, and render the whole process kid-friendly.


Sara said...

Hey great job on the organizing! Isn't it good to have that done?

Mothering Two said...

Ohhh! I love block prints! How fun. Must be Spring in the air, cuz' before I read your post, this morning I made a post about decorating, too! And I even spoke of vintage storage supplies. Too funny! We are on the same wavelength. I'm excited for your organizing cuz' does it ever feel great to get organized. :)

Rose said...

Way to go! Happy organizing!

Can't wait to see that Easter card.