Monday, March 16, 2009

Take Me Out to the Softball Game...

Papa joined a softball league about three years ago. We were both knee deep in career building and early parenthood--Big B was just a toddler--and I freely admit that my first reaction to this was less than supportive. I envisioned single parenthood two nights a week, at a time when I had not yet learned the value of filling my own well. But from the first game I attended, I saw the benefits of this healthy outlet. Papa works hard and plays hard, and he is very good at recognizing what his soul needs. He has taught me much in this department. Softball provides him with exercise, teamwork, camaraderie, machismo, strategy, fresh air, release. I did not realize then what a supremely enjoyable activity it would be for the rest of us. The boys absolutely LOVE it. We pack a picnic for every game. They have a wide berth of open grass and dusty clay to explore. There are always other young children there with whom to toss balls and play tag. And they, like me, truly enjoy cheering Papa on. I will also freely admit that I have a sneaky bit of schoolgirl-esque pride every time he gets a hit, or makes a good play. Big B and little b look forward to leaving the games almost as much as arriving. They get to run the bases, and then catch a ride on the strong and steady shoulders of their Papa, their hero.


Cathy said...

How sweet that you all do this. The pic of Papa on the field is really great.
I love the one of him with the two boys at the end.

Mama Bird said...

This brought tears to my eyes...your family has a good, good Papa.

(my word verification is inest - how likely is that for the Natural Nester???)